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My Practice Philosophy is very simple.....Humans NEED to be touched. We cannot survive without it. We cannot be happy and healthy without giving and receiving touch. In the early days of my nursing career, back rubs, foot rubs, and hand holding were an important part of the care we gave. Over time, as patient loads increased and technology became the way of medicine, the TOUCH part of nursing was forgotten. The TOUCH that gave comfort, the TOUCH that treated the WHOLE person, not just their injury or illness, the TOUCH that stimulated the energy flow within us all. 

My name is Janis Parks. I have lived on the Upper Cape most of my life. I graduated from Sandwich High School and attended Cape Cod Community College, receiving as Associates Degree in Nursing.  I have been a Registered Nurse for 36+ years, and continue to be a Licensed RN in Massachusetts. But I missed the TOUCH part of my job. So off to Massage School I went, completing 750 hours of Massage Therapy training at The Massage Institute of Cape Cod. I am Licensed to practice Massage Therapy in Massachusetts and passed the Nationally recognized MBLEX (Massage/Bodywork Licensing Exam). I am always learning and adding new techniques for your benefit, and am now Certified in Chinese and Contemporary Cupping Therapies, Sciatica Treatment, Prenatal Massage, and Facial Cupping/TMJ Treatment. I have achieved Master Level in Reiki Energy Healing, and Level 1 Quantum Touch Energy Healing.  Soon I will be adding Infrared Heat and Chromotherapy Treatments.

 As a Registered Nurse, I have the knowledge and compassion necessary to put Clients with any variety of medical concerns at ease during their Massage or Reiki session. 

The theory of Rogerian Nursing Science has defined NURSING as the giver of THERAPEUTIC TOUCH, and the facilitator of WAVES of energy producing physical changes within the human body. This  gave birth to my massage practice, WAVES OF THERAPEUTIC TOUCH.


My decision to enter the world of Massage and Energy Healing is really a decision to take a step BACK to where I began, offering emotional and physical healing to my patients through the power of touch.

This is what I do.  This is what I love.  


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*Due to the personal nature of massage therapy, I reserve the right to decline providing services of any type, to anyone, for any reason I deem appropriate. 

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